Creating Simple Range Slider Component Using JavaScript

Writing components is little bit difficult task while developing a web based application, specially when you are a beginner or you don’t know how to write it and implement it.

So lets see how we can create a simple Range Slider component using HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Before writing JavaScript for component, first we will need a HTML Page. Also we will need a style.css to style the page and script.js to initialize the component. After create HTML page the code will something look like below.

Now add Range Slider HTML inside document body.

Now create a file named range-slider.css and write the style for it. Then link css to main HTML.

So on the browser it will something look like below screenshot.

Now Create a range-slider.js and link it to main page inside title.
Then write the following code into the file.

Initiate the Range Slider into script.js.

And now try moving slider handle in browser.

Download Source Code from here

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