Creating Image Slideshow using CSS3 and JQuery in Fifteen Minutes.

Whenever I work on any of the huge project or application, I always break that project in small parts and develop it in parts and then combine it. And I would like to share with you one of the part from my work.
This is the very small example of CSS3 Slideshow. I have created this slideshow separately as an experiment basis and achieved as the result as I want. And this all I done in fifteen minutes and then integrated in web page.


Creating HTML5 Document.
Create html document and arrange the all images. For this example I have used some birds images downloaded from Google image search.

Styling HTML Content using CSS3

Create stylesheet named “style.css”.

And like it with HTML document.

Making Slideshow Interactive using JQuery
Before using JQuery. We have to add Jquery API. In this example I am using CDN path instead of using local JQuery API file.

And this is the code to navigate Slideshow.

Now link this JavaScript file to HTML document below the JQuery API linked.

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