Creating Custom Combobox or Select box using HTML CSS and JavaScript

Combobox or as you know Select box in HTML5 is most common form element used in many websites. But sometime due to limitation of HTML select box we cant style it as per our requirement or we have to use some kind of css or javascript trick to get the result. But still we can say it is right way. So what is correct way? Yes… we have to create custom element instead use HTML select box. But how to create it. So lets see how we can create it.

Before start creating Combobox we will need HTML document created. So first create HTML file named index.html.

Now add below html into body tag

After create HTML file create more 4 files sytle.css, script.js, custom-combo.js and custom-combo.css

You can sytle the html page and set combobox placement in html page by adding css into style.css.

Now assign style to Combobox as well. Add below CSS into custom-combo.css.

Once you style the Combobox, the Combobox will something look like below screenshot.

Open the custom-combo.js then add below JavaScript Code into the file. The comments in the below code will help you to understand the code.

Now open script.js and initialize CustomComobox by passing id of the combobox html element. See the code below.

And here is your custom combbox ready to use.

Download source from here

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