How to Create Android Video Player: 3. Make App Callable from Other Apps to Run Video

In the previous two parts, you can see how you can create simple video player. But what about, if someone wants to play video in your app from his/her app. That means making your app callable from other apps. See Video Player listed in the below image at last position.

How to Create Android Video Player

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Make App Callable

To make you application callable to others you need to simply define intent-filters. Like mimeType attribute of the data, action name and category in the AndroidManifest.xml under the activity node. See the below node.
Add this xml into AndroidManifest.xml.

Now create new Activity named “” and get Uri of the Video file from intent object passed by other app. Now convert Uri into as we required it in our app. In this case we need a string path and send it to VideoActivity using Intent Object.

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