Creating frog jump game in HTML5 using CreateJS: 01 Understanding game storyboard and development flow

Before start the actual development of the game we must have a complete understating of game and how it will be played.

Creating frog jumping game using CreateJS

Topics Covered

Game Storyboard

The game storyboard is pretty simple and state forward here. In the river there will be lotus leafs will continuously flow with river stream. On the floating leafs of lotus the frog will be on one of the leaf. And on the each leaf there will be one insect. There will be 6 type of insects including butterfly and flies. Here your goal is, you will have to grab those insects by jumping on leaf one by one before leaf goes out bottom of the screen. Once you grab each insect the score board will show you total number of collected insects for each type of insect separately. If you miss the leaf while jumping, you will lose your one life out of 5 lives. Once you lose all your lives, the game will over.

Development Stages

Now you know the game storyboard. So it is time to design the flow of game development in stages. First of all we need to setup project and its files and file folder structure, then developing each section one by one. See the points below which illustrate the entire game development stages.

  • Setting up game files
  • Building game interface
  • Adding more game elements
  • Building game loop
  • Adding controls and interactivity into game
  • Building game score board
  • Working with Frog life
  • Ending game
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