Clamping value using Math library JavaScript

You may be never heard about clamping value in JavaScript. Yes correct its because there is nothing built in available in JavaScript to clamp the values. Here I have shared few options how we can define clamp function with Math library. Option 1: Readable

Option 2: Compact with readable

Option 3 : More […]

Android Using ImageButton

Most of the time in the application we want to say more about, what button will function on click. But its not possible to write entire statement/description as label of button. And there is option for it to set image/picture as Icon on the button. In the given below xml you can see, how we […]

Android Using Buttons and Ways to Handling Event

In android development life-cycle, Button view is most common view used on activity. This article shows you basic types of Button view and how we can implement event handlers in different ways. Lets create layout xml first with some Buttons. main.xml

Implementing onClick handlers in various ways.

Handling Event Way 1 Notice the […]

How to define style and use it in Android

While developing certain mobile applications such as Game or some kind of data driven application, you always need to follow some design standards like text color, font, size etc. or the image/logo at particular position on each screen and for that you need to define same properties to each TextView or ImageView widgets on each […]


While developing applications for Android devices, some time we required to show a quick message or warning and it should go automatically in specified time. For that there is widget class available ‘Toast’ in Android library. Here I have illustrated simple code snippet to show Toast message. Importing Class: [as3] import android.widget.Toast; import android.content.Context; [/as3] […]