OOP Principles: Introduction

OOP…!, When this topic comes while learning any of the programming language which is object oriented, some time may or may not, but we feel little pressure on mind & think about ‘Can I work with oop?’ or ‘Is the oop easy or difficult to understand?’ like so…. And my answer is OOP (Object-Oriented Programing) […]

Passing Variables Between Flash ActionScript and PHP

In the most of the web based flash applications we required to communicate with server side scripting languages like PHP to send data to database and receive data from database. It is because flash don’t have support to directly read data from database. In this article I am going to show you , how to […]

Loading XML into Flash using ActionScript 3

You may seen many of the Data Driven web and AIR applications developed using Flash ActionScript or Flex. Here I am going to show you how we can load XML Data into Flash using ActionScript to make data driven flash or AIR application. Create a class named “XMLLoader” and save the file with the same […]

Creating Chess Board at Runtime using ActionScript

I experienced many time while developing games, some time we may required to create the graphics at runtime. Here I am going to share with you a same kind of Chess Board example, which is created at runtime using ActionScript. Here you can move black piece on white boxes and white piece on black boxes. […]

How to Create 3D Fold Undfold Cube using ActionScript and Away3D

I would like to share with you a very simple example created in ActionScript using Away3D API. In this example I am going to show you how we can make foldable cube. This example is created in three main parts. Away3D Scene Setup Cube Class Calling Cube class Fold and Unfold method. [Download Source] Away3D […]

Rotating A Gun Barrel towards The Target using ActionScript Trigonometric functions

As I already discussed in my previous post, based on trigonometric function, CREATING ROLLING EYES USING TRIGNOMETRIC FUNCTIONS. Here is the simple and small example on the same topic I am going to share with you. You guys might be or some time played any shooting games like firing the bullets on the target or […]


One of the most popular functionality always you can find or notice in kids educational flash games & applications, That is pickup the things from one place and drop it to another place. Even I was also used same functionality in many kids e-learning applications and games in my e-learning work experience. But how does […]

Creating Number Slide Puzzle Game in Five Simple Steps using ActionScript and AIR

This is very simple number sliding puzzle game I created in Adobe Flash Builder. I would like to share with you, how simply we can create it. Download Source Before start project, let’s plan steps how we can create it. Step 1: Creating ActionScript project Step 2: Creating number slide class Step 3: Setting default […]

ActionScript 3 Timer Event vs Enter Frame Event

While playing the flash games, I always notice one thing.The thing is some objects need to move from one place to another place within a given time. Suppose, You are playing a car racing game, and your aim is need to complete your lap within 5 seconds.But what will happen if your flash player will […]

Creating Rolling Eyes using ActionScript Trigonometric functions

Creating rolling eyes towards mouse is quite easy, but you need to know little math. I mean few trigonometry concepts and functions in ActionScript. But how we can implement trigonometry using ActionScript. Let’s see how it is. First find the radian of the angle, you can find out the radian using math class [as3] var […]