5. Debugging in Android Studio

In this chapter you will learn how to debug application using logcat and debuging tool in the Android Studio. As you know Debugging is the most important technique in the development process. Debugging technique is the process of finding incorrect logics and make them correct. In another side which helps to find out how application […]

4. Using Android Studio

In this chapter we will learn how we can use Android Studio to develop app. In the layout design section we will see how we can use widgets and set its placement with its properties and settings. Also we will cover how auto complete feature works in Android Studio. As well as refactoring and how […]

3. Understanding Android Studio Interface

In this chapter we are going to learn Android Studio Interface and its Tools, Menus as well as preferences and settings. Se lets start and look at into Android Studio.

2. Running App on Devices

While developing applications with Android Studio, we need to test them to check how it works or any bugs etc. But where to test out put and how. Well.. There is Android Emulator available with Android SDK and you test your application with it. i.e. Virtual Device. Even you can test your app on your […]