04 Adding more game elements

In the previous chapter we added background on stage. There are still few elements yet to add. Floating leafs on river water, a frog on a leaf and an insect on each leaf. So let get start adding elements.

03 Creating game background

In previous part, we have setup all the files to start the game coding. In this part you will learn how to create game background. Start with river and grass with foliage both side of the river.

02 Setting up game files

Now we have all the points of development stages. So let’s start with setting up game files. To setup game files, first of all we will create a game directory with the game name. After creating a create all the game files inside this directory.

01 Understanding game storyboard and development flow

Before start the actual development of the game we must have a complete understating of game and how it will be played.