5. Read and Edit Text file from External Storage

In previous 4 parts we learnt how we have created text file and save it on External Storage. But If you want to do some changes in saved files which you created, then you need to open it, edit it whatever you want and save it the same file without enter new name of the […]

4. Making list of created Text files on External Storage using ListView

In this part we are going to see, how we can generate list of files which we have created on external storage and how we can show that list in ListView. So lets see….

3. Create and Save Text file on External Storage

In this part we will learn how to create new notepad file and save it to on External SD. Also how we can manage all the add edit delete functionalities from Note Manager class and create application directory on external SD to store all the text files created by our app. So let’s start with […]

2. Setting up Navigation between Activities using Action Bar

In this part you will learn how to setup Navigation between two activities using Action Bar. So let’s start….!

1. User Interface

In this series of tutorial I am going to show you how we can create a simple utility application for Android and that utility application is Notepad app. So Let’s start….