6. Adding Music into the Game

Well….! This is the last and final part of this game tutorial. In this part you will learn how to add background music into game using Service class. So let’s see how to add music….!

5. Adding Interaction to the Car

This part is very interesting and important, because of after adding all the stuff in the screen it is very exited thing is moving all stuff with the user interaction. In the presiding all parts we learn how to create main menu screen, creating Open GL surface and displaying graphics (car, road… etc). Now in […]

4. Adding Player Car and Controller Graphics

In the part 3 how we have added road texture on OpenGL surface, In this part we will see how we to add more graphics with their scale and position setups on OpenGL SurfaceView. You can continue from this part by download project file from part 3 source and import it in eclipse. So let’s […]

3. Adding Road Track Texture

In the previous part, you have seen how we have created OpenGL drawing surface. In this part you will learn how to load texture and display it on screen. Make sure your all of the textures needs to be a derivative of 128 x 128. that means power of 2. i.e. 64×64, 128×128, 256 x […]

2. Creating OpenGL Drawing Surface

In the presiding part we have created Start Menu and Game Play activity for the game. In this part you are going to learn how to create render surface for game play. For the 2D car racing game, the environment object will be Road track from top view, a car top view, controls graphics like […]

1. Setting up Game Startup

In this series, you will learn how to create 2D car racing game using OpenGL ES in Android, This part covers how to make game startup screen.