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Creating simple block breaking game using CreateJS

Breaking bricks is the most popular game you may played sometime online or offline and you would like to make it as a beginning of game development. Here I am going to show you how simply you can create break it game in HTML5 using CreateJS. CreateJS is the collection of libraries which allow us […]

Creating Android Custom Component: Check Box

Suppose, you are developing a data driven application of something related settings or kind of stuff, and where you want to implement on-off or show-hide kind of functionality. To implement such kind of functionalities we use Check Box or On-Off button components as front end. Most of the programming languages provides us some built-in components […]

Android Using ImageButton

Most of the time in the application we want to say more about, what button will function on click. But its not possible to write entire statement/description as label of button. And there is option for it to set image/picture as Icon on the button. In the given below xml you can see, how we […]

Android Using Buttons and Ways to Handling Event

In android development life-cycle, Button view is most common view used on activity. This article shows you basic types of Button view and how we can implement event handlers in different ways. Lets create layout xml first with some Buttons. main.xml

Implementing onClick handlers in various ways.

Handling Event Way 1 Notice the […]

How to define style and use it in Android

While developing certain mobile applications such as Game or some kind of data driven application, you always need to follow some design standards like text color, font, size etc. or the image/logo at particular position on each screen and for that you need to define same properties to each TextView or ImageView widgets on each […]

Android Calling Built In Application

In Android features, there is one of feature is Calling one application from another application smoothly and seamlessly. This feature allows you to integrate various applications on your device to get consistent relation experience between two applications. This article covers, how can you call application using various ways on your device. There are many ways […]

Finding Second Largest Number From Array in JavaScript

While working on one of the client project, I just wrote a functions to find 1st and 2nd Largest Numbers in JavaScript. And I would like to share with you one of them which demonstrates how to find second largest number using javascript.

OOP Principles: Introduction

OOP…!, When this topic comes while learning any of the programming language which is object oriented, some time may or may not, but we feel little pressure on mind & think about ‘Can I work with oop?’ or ‘Is the oop easy or difficult to understand?’ like so…. And my answer is OOP (Object-Oriented Programing) […]

Passing Variables Between Flash ActionScript and PHP

In the most of the web based flash applications we required to communicate with server side scripting languages like PHP to send data to database and receive data from database. It is because flash don’t have support to directly read data from database. In this article I am going to show you , how to […]

Android Auto Launch Application at Boot Time

You may noticed, on your device some of the applications launched automatically while your device boot completely. Like, your email app or any chat application. But how it works…? In this article, I am going to show you, how we can auto launch application at boot time. So, let’s see. Create new class named “AutoLaunch.java” […]