I think, there is no meaning to introduce my name, if you are at this page and reading my blog, thats mean you already know my name.

From last few years I am at pune and i got too many good n bad experience here. So many things i learnt here. I was started my career from 1999 with the Teaching Graphics Software at Arena Multimedia. After 3 years of Teaching experience I was switched in Professional industry and got the experience from different areas such as e-Learning, Web, 3D,  2D Gamming etc. My specializations in multimedia Programming Development with certain scripting programming languages i.e. ActionScript, Flex, Lingo3D, MaxScript, MEL and PHP/MySQL.

Anyways… Aim behind the start this blog, sharing a knowledge with people. I always like to share my knowledge with peoples the various things which i know and get the  opinions from them for the same. This thing always helps me to improve my self.