How to create Android Contact Book App : Part 6 : Updating Contact Details into Database

In this part you will learn, how to update contact details into database. Table of Contents Creating Option Menu Passing Contact data to Edit Contact Activity Setting up Edit Contact Activity Updating Contact Details to Database Creating Option Menu Open existing “” file from the Part 5 Source files. And add following code to create […]

Creating Chess Board at Runtime using ActionScript

I experienced many time while developing games, some time we may required to create the graphics at runtime. Here I am going to share with you a same kind of Chess Board example, which is created at runtime using ActionScript. Here you can move black piece on white boxes and white piece on black boxes. […]

Android Passing Object Between Activities

In the preceding article I have shown, How to Pass Data Between Activities. In this article I am going to cover how we can Pass an Object between Activities. See the screenshots of an example below. Download Source from here. In addition passing the data types using putExtra() and putExtras() method, We can also pass […]

Creating Message Box at runtime by handling HTML DOM using JavaScript

While making of some websites or web base application, some time we required to show messages in message box or popup window. There is several methods to show this message in HTML and JavaScript. You may find some ready API for that also. But how to create you won message box and that also runtime […]

Android Passing Data Between Activities

As you can see in the previous post how we can Link Activities. But one of the most important thing is when we launch one activity to another, at the same time we may need some data passing to another activity too. For example, A product information or A person name and his/her details. In […]

How to Create 3D Fold Undfold Cube using ActionScript and Away3D

I would like to share with you a very simple example created in ActionScript using Away3D API. In this example I am going to show you how we can make foldable cube. This example is created in three main parts. Away3D Scene Setup Cube Class Calling Cube class Fold and Unfold method. [Download Source] Away3D […]

Android Linking Activities

In this article I am going to show how to link android activities using intent. Suppose there is two or more activities in your application and you want to go one activity to another activity and come back to previous activity. In this example I will show you how we can do this. Download Source […]

Animating Soccer Ball using JQuery Animate function

Somewhere I was created a simple animating soccer ball example using JQuery Animate function. The animate function basically allows to animate various numerical CSS properties. Suppose you want to animate width or height properties, that you can. But you can’t animate position, float, font-family, etc. Because this all are no-numeric properties. Let’s start with HTML […]

Rotating A Gun Barrel towards The Target using ActionScript Trigonometric functions

As I already discussed in my previous post, based on trigonometric function, CREATING ROLLING EYES USING TRIGNOMETRIC FUNCTIONS. Here is the simple and small example on the same topic I am going to share with you. You guys might be or some time played any shooting games like firing the bullets on the target or […]

How to create Android Contact Book App : Part 5 : Viewing Contact Details using Explicit Intent

In this part we are going to learn, how we can view contact details. Table of Contents Creating Contact Details Activity Setting Click Listener to ListView Item Sending Data to Contact Details Activity using Intent Retrieving Data into Contact Details Activity Download Source Creating Contact Details Activity In the Part 1 we have already created […]