How to create Android Contact Book App : Part 4 : Display Contact Data from SQLite Database

In this part we are going to cover how to create custom adapter for ListView and display data on ListView. I recommend, before this part start just go through previous 3 parts and take a quick look, so you will get continues reference. PART 1 : SETTING UP INTERFACE PART 2 : CREATING SQLITE DATABASE […]

How to animate circle shape parameters using HTML5 Canvas API and JavaScript

Here I have illustrated a simple example of HTML5 Canvas. In this example you will learn how to animate circle shape parameter using HTML5 Canvas API and JavaScript. Click on canvas to see the result. Your browser does not support canvas tag Click on canvas to see the result. Download Source So let’s start with […]

Creating Number Slide Puzzle Game in Five Simple Steps using ActionScript and AIR

This is very simple number sliding puzzle game I created in Adobe Flash Builder. I would like to share with you, how simply we can create it. Download Source Before start project, let’s plan steps how we can create it. Step 1: Creating ActionScript project Step 2: Creating number slide class Step 3: Setting default […]

How to create Android Contact Book App : Part 3 : Adding Contact Data to SQLite Database

In the previous parts, we have already created Layouts and Contact class and SQLite Database handler class to Store contacts into database. HOW TO CREATE ANDROID CONTACT BOOK APP : PART 1 : SETTING UP INTERFACE HOW TO CREATE ANDROID CONTACT BOOK APP : PART 2 : CREATING SQLITE DATABASE In this part we will […]

ActionScript 3 Timer Event vs Enter Frame Event

While playing the flash games, I always notice one thing.The thing is some objects need to move from one place to another place within a given time. Suppose, You are playing a car racing game, and your aim is need to complete your lap within 5 seconds.But what will happen if your flash player will […]

How to create Android Contact Book App : Part 2 : Creating SQLite Database

As you seen in previous part, how we have created Interface for Contact Book App. So lets continue with next part. Now we have the user interface to see Contacts and Input the Contact details. But where to store contact data. There is several ways of storing data. i.e. Text file, SQL database on web […]

Creating Rolling Eyes using ActionScript Trigonometric functions

Creating rolling eyes towards mouse is quite easy, but you need to know little math. I mean few trigonometry concepts and functions in ActionScript. But how we can implement trigonometry using ActionScript. Let’s see how it is. First find the radian of the angle, you can find out the radian using math class [as3] var […]

How to create Android Contact Book App : Part 1 : Setting up Interface

This example shows you how to setup Layouts for a simple Contact Book for android device. This article covers how to use various widgets, components and layouts. i.e. LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, TableLayout, ScrollView, ListView, TextView, ImageView, Button and EditText. As well as covers how to setup Custome ListView Item appearance. Table of content: Main (Contact List) […]


While developing applications for Android devices, some time we required to show a quick message or warning and it should go automatically in specified time. For that there is widget class available ‘Toast’ in Android library. Here I have illustrated simple code snippet to show Toast message. Importing Class: [as3] import android.widget.Toast; import android.content.Context; [/as3] […]


Hey guys, This is my third post on my blog, and i am going to try my ideas share with you related to some development things. I hope it helps to you understand the different concept & topics which I will post one by one as my available time. So, Lets come to the topic. […]